Some beautiful local pineapples at a farmers market in the mountains of Panama. 

Some beautiful local pineapples at a farmers market in the mountains of Panama. 

Various Events, Media and Accolades

** Co-organizer “Eat, Drink and Give” fundraiser for Haiti Relief, February 9th, 2010

** Profiled on View the Vibe:

** Speaker at Canada’s Meat Council’s Conference, June 1012

** Participant in The Stop's Night Market Fundraiser 2012-2014

** Participant in the Evergreen Rodeo BBQ Fundraiser, September 17th, 2014

** Participant in the Evergreen Asado BBQ Fundraiser, September 26th, 2015

** Named by BlogTO as one of the Top 15 Instagram accounts for Toronto food lovers to follow -

** Named one of the Top 20 Instagramers Who Will make you Hungry in Canada, by Huffington Post


"We met Joel at Brickworks Farmers' Market. He would hang around our table to the point where we had to put him to work - our customers thought he worked for us! It wasn't a meditated decision on either side it's just what had to happen, Joel had a bee in his bonnet and this was the fix. It was a comforting revolution for us that someone could have such a passion for what we did and then go above and beyond to help us out putting it on the map. He has also become and integral part in our decision making process, and an advisor when it comes to marketing, branding and events.

Premiers Award Winning Farmers, Tim Noxon and Vicki Emlaw of Vickies Veggies


“Trust and collaboration is the strength of the relationship between Pristine Gourmet and Culinary Creative. Joel is a member of our family here at Pristine, and strengthens our team, brand, and our plan execution on a daily basis. He has our full trust to develop and execute strategy on behalf of our business, and understands our brands and needs inside and out. We highly recommend his talents to any organization or brand that sees a bigger vision and needs help in development and execution.”

Jason Persall, owner Persall Fine Foods Inc.

Solution Based, Food Focused