Hanging out with some Feast ON chefs at a retreat in April 2015. 

Hanging out with some Feast ON chefs at a retreat in April 2015. 

 About Culinary Creative Branding + Communications

With over 15 years of experience with marketing and communications in the hospitality industry, and a focus on retail and consumer packaged goods, our specialty is brand exposure and refining your brand message and its consistency. Through this process refinement and getting your brands message to your intended audience using unique methods and means we achieve success in reaching your business goals.

We are cutting edge, and approach your brand with a unique perspective. People need to see the value of associating with the product or service you are intending to sell them, and we work with you to determine the best way to accomplish this goal. 

About Joel Solish, Principal Tastemaker & Connector

Joel is a Tastemaker who makes people crave and want your brand. With a focus on the very best in local food, Joel is known to be a leader in the movement to promote everything local and sustainable in Ontario, and is always being seen in kitchens and on farms around the province. With over 15 years as an expert in marketing and reputation management in the hospitality and tourism markets, Joel's clients rely on him to get results. He takes the time to understand everyone he works with, which is of paramount importance to the core philosophy of this business. 


 Our Methodology

Culinary Creative brings you a solid mix of marketing and branding, paired with media relations, all focused on your brand and its strategy. Our strengths are based in strong communications and process management, leading to thorough and manageable results.

In addition, our size is key to a boutique business like yourself.  We are small, but mighty. Our size benefits of how we work, giving you as close to that in-house feel as possible. This also allows us to provide cost-conscious solutions, while delivering results on-time and developing relationships with our clients.

Strong client relationships are at the core of our philosophy, and together, we will develop a plan, create and engage in conversations, and tell the stories of your business in a way that makes sense for you and your brands growth. Everything we do, from strategy development, to drafting press releases, sourcing vendors, and event sponsorship, is backed by a strong understanding of you and your audience.

Our networks have been tried and tested, always providing connections and solutions to problems and keeping us well ahead of the game. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail.  

Our Partners

Culinary Creative works with a number of solopreneurs that span the needs of our clients, and our partners comprise some of the best in their chosen fields. Our partners always uphold the Culinary Creative standards of practice and doing business.

Solution Based, Food Focused